Web Support

Aisha Print has customers all over Sweden, in Europe and other parts of the world.
As a support contract customer with us you have a range of possibilities to optimize and maintain your website on an ongoing basis and also get help by email or phone almost every hour of the day.

User support

An easy way to get help is to sign a contract with us that gives you the right to support when the problem arises.
We have competent of both Windows or OSX systems and the peripherals they are linked to. We provide support whether it is software error or update or other issues.

If you want us to remotely control your computer and solve the problem immediately, there is the possibility or if you email us or call us, you choose the support form that suits you best.

Which package suits you best?

We have put in Hop 3 different packages see which one suits you best or contact us for a unique approach.
Package prices and terms are shown below